Ballet Boys


Documentary ø 2014 ø 73 mins ø LANGUAGE: Norwegian ø DIR: Kenneth Elvebakk ø CAST: Torgeir Lund, Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Syvert Lorenz Garcia ø Norway

Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød is a teenager who dreams of success in the world of ballet. Together with friends Syvert and Torgeir, he trains at the Norwegian Ballet School where the group are acutely aware that in being male, they are a unique minority in this field.  This inspiring and candid documentary follows these three ballet boys over an important four-year period at the beginning of their careers.

Their hearts are laid bare as we follow the thrills, spills, tears and joys of these boys navigating their way through the competitive world of dance as well as their last years of high school, sacrificing much of their adolescent life to become the men they want to be. Friendships develop as the three compete with and against each other, each determined to gain entry into the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. But then, entirely unexpectedly, Lukas is invited to audition for the Royal Ballet School in London. This could be the ultimate break of a lifetime for him. 

A story of adolescence, new challenges, ambition and identity, Ballet Boys is a lovingly and sensitively told story of three exceptionally talented teenagers finding their way into young adulthood.

(Not screening in Byron Bay and Perth)

Official Selection - 2014 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival ø 2014 DOK.fest Munich International Documentary FF ø 2014 Edinburgh IFF
All non-English films screen with English subtitles.

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