Drama ø 2014 ø 72 mins ø LANGUAGE: Swedish & English ø DIR: Per Gavatin, Andreas Öhman ø CAST: Lisa Henni, Lucas Hazlett, Martin Wallström

Lisa (Lisa Henni) and Martin (Martin Wallström) have been together for more than two years. As a celebration, Martin books an extended holiday in New York, but not everything goes to plan.

Obsessively filming every part of her life is the norm for Lisa – she has been doing it for years. The camera has been Lisa’s constant companion at any and all occasions. Martin has become used to it, but even his patience is tested to the limit when they hit a crisis in their relationship in New York.

Lisa’s camera lays bare the events as they unfold in real time - the fun, the laughter, the tears, the arguments, the frustrations. But the closer Martin tries to get, the more Lisa hides behind the lens. As their relationship starts to fall apart, a third enters the fray – Lucas (New York stand-up comedian and MTV presenter, Lucas Hazlett).

Featuring just three actors, Remake is an intimate and honest relationship drama exploring contemporary attitudes and approaches towards love, with an unexpected twist!

(Not screening in Byron Bay)

Official Selection - 2014 Gothenburg International Film Festival
All non-English films screen with English subtitles.

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