Someone You Love

En du elsker

Drama ø 2014 ø 95 mins ø LANGUAGE: Danish ø DIR: Pernille Fischer Christensen ø CAST: Mikael Persbrandt, Trine Dyrholm, Brigitte Hjort Sorensen, Sofus Ronnov, Eve Best ø Denmark
The shadow of Leonard Cohen looms large
The Hollywood Reporter

Pernille Fischer Christensen won the Berlin Silver Bear with her 2005 feature Soap, and her talents continue to flourish with this soulful family drama, overflowing with expressive rock ‘n’ roll reminiscent of the 60’s.

60-something Thomas Jacob (Mikael Persbrandt, The Hobbit) returns to his Danish hometown after decades living and making music in LA. But what is intended to be a relaxed sojourn of recording sessions and luxury living quickly turns sour when Thomas’ daughter, Julie (Brigitte Hjort Sorensen, Borgen) is forced into rehab for a coke habit, leaving her father to take care of her troubled tweenage boy, Noa (promising newcomer Sofus Ronnov).

Initially annoyed that Noa is getting in the way of his studio time with faithful producer, Molly Moe (Trine Dyrholm, A Royal Affair), Thomas soon warms up to the the child. He sees a reflection of himself and teaches his grandson how to play guitar like a pro. Yet just when things get a bit easier, tragedy strikes, leaving grandfather and grandson to pick up the pieces.

Persbrandt is magnetic as a brooding tortured musician who emanates the style of Leonard Cohen from within and whose emotions are drawn in the lines of his rugged face.

Official Selection - 2014 Berlin Film Festival
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