The region of Scandinavia - culturally comprised of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark - has produced some of the most iconic films ever made. From the masterpieces of Ingmar Bergman, to the radical, back-to-basics guerrilla-style filmmaking of the Dogme revolution, to the contemporary and transnational diversity of Nordic cinema, Palace is proud to present local audiences with a brand new event, created to offer a dedicated focus to an area of screen culture that has for too long been under-represented in Australia.

Indeed the mission of the inaugural Scandinavian Film Festival is to ensure that more films from the region are presented where they deserve to be seen: on the big screen. Too often some extraordinary films have never seen the light of day here (or rather, the darkness of a cinema), and Palace considers it an honour and a privilege to help correct this.

So with thanks to the support of our sponsors and cultural partners, Palace is proud to present a celebration of Scandinavian screen culture, cuisine and music with you, our world-cinema loving audience, via a curated selection of 21 outstanding films that range from critically acclaimed debuts of risktaking new talent, through to crowd-pleasing local blockbusters.

From our Opening Night Galas to the Special Events, including the live Q&As with our special guest, the fabulous Laura Birn (one of Finland’s rising stars, who was recently profiled by the Berlin Film Festival’s annual talent platform Shooting Stars as one of Europe’s Best Young Actors), there is something for everyone.

Please join us, and celebrate the art of cinema from one of the world’s most breathtaking and talent-rich regions.